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Le Moyne College Great Strides Walk

Why walk?

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In April 2008 Le Moyne College will be host to one of Central New York's Great Strides walk. The walk is a major fundraising arm for the CF foundation and helps raise awareness in the community as well as bringing people together. The Le Moyne College Great Strides walk is open to all faculty/staff, students and alumni.This particular walk is unique to the foundation as it is the first of its kind! Please feel free to offer any suggestions as well as ideas. We are looking forward to adding new features to the page such as event photos and eventually video. Upcoming event:March 26th Fundraiser at Pizzeria Unos in Fayetteville. 20% of each check will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Just bring in your coupon. Uno's Coupon

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